Online Skype Music Lessons

Today Skype has become an integral part of our day to day life activities!
There are many people out there who feel Skype is a superior alternative to cell phones and Skype is used extensively to conduct day to day Business and Social Communication.

Teaching and Learning Music over Skype at SAMVAD :
Offering Music Lessons on Skype has enabled SAMVAD to reach out to students and music lovers all over the world.
Today,students have the opportunity to take private music lessons from the comfort of their own home or office…….without spending hours commuting and travelling to their Music School.

To find out how easy it can be to learn Music on Skype with SAMVAD……..
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Samvad has been conducting Music Lessons over Skype for the past 2 years purely based on individual interest from students living far out of Sydney City.
Our first inquiry was a call from US who wanted to have Music lessons for Playing the keyboard…Indian Classical Style.
In the first lesson we had become quiet comfortable in exchanging ideas, maintaining 2 Way Talk and playing the Keyboard.
Today after about 2 years Samvad has many interested Students taking the advantage of learning Music on Skype…..mainly from Australia Nationally,Singapore and the US.

Samvad is keen to share Music with Students all over the world and make Indian Classical Music Learning a “Easy and Fun Experience.”
Requirements for Skype lessons:
•    Computer with Webcam and microphone.
•    High-speed internet connection
•    Earphones (useful to prevent feedback)
•    Skype – free video conferencing application that allows you to make calls over the internet.
•    Piano or keyboard close to to your computer

~ Lesson Policies
•    Lessons can be paid for individually or on a monthly basis prior to the lesson, via Paypal.
•    PayPal accepts all major credit cards so you don’t need to create a Paypal account to make a payment.
•    One hour Lessons timings for which to be scheduled in advance and are of an hour’s duration.
•    Notice of 24hrs. is required in case of a cancellation.

We look forward to sharing the amazing world of music with you.