Blessings from OP Naiyyar Sir

Note- Data Recovered from a damaged disk.

Video& Sound is not entirely clear...hope you can still enjoy the video.

For me this clip is an experience of his presence and blessings- Babu ji's - OP Nayyar Sahab !!

Background :
I was in 2nd year Engineering...just arrived home from college and I got a call from Mrs.Tapase ji - (Wife of Asst. Commissioner Police Mumbai) saying babu ji(OP Nayyar saab)as everyone called him...... was coming to visit them at their place and encouraged me to get my keyboard and may be you may get a chance to present your music in front of then I was a little popular as keyboard player in Thane City and I was also the music teacher for her children Pratik & Harsh..........I was very excited but at the same time very very nervous given the larger than life personality babu ji was...who is kknown to have created Legends like -Rafi Saab, Asha Bhosle ji, Mannade Ji thorugh his immortal compositions ....and Sunita ji warned me he was also know to be upfront, reserved and very short tempered about his likes & dislikes.....more so about other musicians if they were not up to the standard with their music......This first meeting turned out as a great learning and blessing for me eventually....and many more over the next few years.

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a lot of musical time with him during his last 3-4 years while he was residing in Thane city(not many people were aware of this then).....This is a short clip of my first meeting with him which went on for more than 7-8 hours of music discussion and some of playing and singing.I still miss those saturday mornings around 8:30am - which was the only time I was allowed to spend some time with him at his apartment while he had his morning was mostly boiled eggs & tea**.

You are a gift to the world of music and we will always remain grateful for all the immortal music compositions & arrangements you have left back for us to experience your presence....We miss you babu ji !!!

Note : The copy of this CD recording is damaged and I have tried data recovery on the CD....Some of the sections are still unclear even now.

Hope you can still enjoy the video.


One thought on “Blessings from OP Naiyyar Sir

  • December 20, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Very nice though the quality of sound is bit shabby somewhere. Very impressive to sit in front of the legend for the first time and perform as good. 🙂


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