About Samvad

Welcome to Samvad, where you will rediscover music.

What is Samvad?

Samvad, means communication in Sanskrit. At Samvad, it means communication with music, communication with your inner self, communication that transcends all conventional realms of musicality.

Samvad is a young, vibrant and exuberant group of music aficionados who look to share and grow musically.
It’s all about enjoying music.

With sharing as a medium towards growth and with the ultimate goal of becoming the complete musician, we at Samvad are primarily engaged in two different activities.
1. Music Education and Training Programs
2. Promoting artists from diverse musical styles and discipline the likes of Classical – Indian and Western, Jazz, contemporary Music, Ghazals, Sufi and World music etc.

Why Samvad?
Because music is not a form of business for us. It is a way of life.

We love to learn and enjoy music.

We look to share our learning and help others grow with us. We firmly believe that the learning of music should not be limited to an instrument or mere vocals. Samvad believes in enhancing the musical experience with continual and sustained efforts to become a complete musician.

About Samvad

Samvad was founded in 2002 by a young and extremely talented musician by the name of Amit Diwadkar. With a natural flair for music and an exposure to the building blocks of Indian classical music at a very young age, Amit always wanted to go beyond the norm.

After treading many a paths and learning under many a great musician, Amit was introduced to the wonderful world of the ‘Piano’.

Admiration turned into fascination as Amit decided to weave Indian Classical music into the Piano and the result was stunning.

Samvad was founded to enrich his musical journey further.